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Have you been skimming through low-quality blogs and articles looking for answers to all of your cannabis growing questions only to find false information and misleading sales sites? Well look no further…

Medical-Marijuana-Growing .com is the #1 most trusted source of expert advice for anything and everything you need to know to grow your own marijuana!

Medical Marijuana will provide all of the information that you need to grow your own weed. There were many concerns that I had when I first started that I would love to share the solution to to save you all of the time and hassle that I had to go through on my own. Here are a few concerns I had when I was starting my first medical marijuana grow:

  • How much it will cost to start your grow.

The cost to start cultivating your own crop depends solely on what type of grow it is going to be. Are you growing indoor or outdoor? Technically, you can start a one-plant grow outdoors virtually for free if you are growing a bag seed. However, the results would be minimal and a quality seed with great genetics is something I consider to be extremely important. Indoor grows require a few more things, and depending on how much you plan on growing the cost will vary.

  • How to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors.

While the basics of growing cannabis both indoors and outdoors are the same, the methods can be very different. When growing outdoors, at minimum you can set it and forget it and let nature take it’s toll. Indoor growing requires more attention. When you grow weed indoors, you can replicate the cannabis plant’s optimal natural conditions while supplementing with extra nutrients and co2 to ensure growth to maximum potential.

  • Where it is safe to buy marijuana seeds online.

Be careful when purchasing marijuana seeds online! A quick search on the internet will bring up hundreds and thousands of rip off reports by people being scammed by fake or shady seedbanks. Don’t put your money where it doesn’t belong. I will review these seedbanks so you can know where it is safe to buy seeds!

  • What types of medical marijuana strain seeds to purchase.

When dealing with a specific medical condition, it is important that you are choosing the right strain of cannabis. Different indica and sativa strains will treat different conditions and every strain is unique. You wouldn’t want to pick a sativa strain if you need to go right to sleep, and you wouldn’t want an indica strain if you have a lot to do that day!

  • How to design a medical marijuana grow room.

Building a grow room without following a well-thought-out design will only lead to a lot of headaches. Everything has a place and your grow room is a system where everything must flow together. A bad grow room or grow tent design can lead to lots of problems that can ruin your crop, such as too much humidity, too much heat, not enough light, too much light, not enough room, and the list goes on…

  • How to cure cannabis plant problems.

It is inevitable that you will run into problems when you’re growing, especially as a beginner. Are your plant’s leaves turning yellow? Are they curling? Are they drooping? Are they spotted? We have all of the answers you need. Come right back to this site and visit our Marijuana Plant Problems page and diagnose the problem and learn how to fix it!

  • Which marijuana grow lights to choose.

Do you want to do through your whole grow using just one light? Even though it’s not optimal, you can absolutely do it! But which type of bulb do you need to use? A high spectrum sodium bulb that gives off the red spectrum that cannabis plants crave during the flowering season? Or metal halide and fluorescent bulbs that give off the blue spectrum that your clones crave during the vegetative stage? Are there bulbs that give off both? Because that is what you may need! We broke it all down for you right here!


Kaya Gold by Nirvana

Kaya Gold strain

Read Reviews (12)

Kaya Gold is a perfect strain for beginners or for growers who are having trouble keeping the temperatures down with their indoor grow, but in optimal conditions a seasoned grower can really make her explode! This strain was specifically engineered to withstand rough climates and still be able to flourish. She is very studry and also pest resistant. Many growers swear this as their #1 strain for an outdoor “set it and forget it” grow.

Kaya Gold is a sativa-dominant hybrid and can grow a little bit taller than other hybrids so even though I recommend plant training, it is not completely necessary.



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